Lancashire & South Cumbria VCFSE Alliance Chair

  • Role Title: Chair.
  • Organisation: Lancashire & South Cumbria VCFSE Alliance
  • Location: A range of locations can be negotiated including working from home.
  • Salary: £12 000 pa. The successful candidate will be employed by a nominated VCFSE organisation as agreed with the candidate and the Alliance.
  • Closing date: 15th November 2019

Main Purposes:

  1. Facilitate and chair the Alliance to operate effectively as the umbrella body for the five Place-level VCFSE Leadership Groups (the members).
  2. Act on behalf and represent the opinions and interests of the Alliance at the Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria (HLSC) Integrated Care System (ICS) board.
  3. Ensure, as far as possible – as determined by the Alliance, that sector wide lines of engagement and communication are enabled.

Key Responsibilities

1. Facilitate and chair the Alliance to operate effectively as the umbrella body for the five Place-level VCFSE Leadership Groups (the members).

  • Work with the Alliance to ensure they are effectively represented and actively involved across the structures that form the ICS.
  • Plan a smooth transition to a full Alliance structure with transparent membership.
  • Plan and chair Alliance meetings. Ensure activities and decisions taken are effective, transparent and accountable to the members and conflicts of interest are appropriately managed.
  • Work with the Alliance to identify and communicate strategic and business development goals, which contribute to both Community and ICS outcomes.
  • Provide leadership, advice and guidance to the Alliance members, including the induction of new members and succession planning.
  • Ensure the Alliance addresses and incorporates relevant legislation and best practise guidance, including equality and diversity.
  • Take a lead, where appropriate, in communication and consultations, responding to public relations issues including making additional public or professional presentations on behalf of the sector. 

 2. Act on behalf, and represent the opinions and interests, of the Alliance at the HLSC board.

  • Attend meetings and be an active and responsible ICS Board member, representing the members with integrity through an agreed set of principles and priorities.
  • Work with the members of the Alliance to ensure an effective activity plan is developed and regularly updated to meet the needs of the five Place level Leadership Groups.
  • To ensure members receive regular updates, feedback and are made aware of emerging opportunities and risks in a timely fashion.

3. Ensure, as far as possible – as determined by the Alliance, that sector wide lines of engagement and communication are enabled.

  • Work with Alliance members and partners to ensure parity of representation across the membership and that information and communications flows effectively; giving confidence to system partners.
  • Provide and promote system wide communication and promotion of best practice through a range of media channels.
  • Facilitate and support direct engagement between system leaders and sector partners.
  • Encourage system leadership approaches which enable VCFSE partners, at all levels, to be involved at the right time.

Time commitment:

It is anticipated that the Alliance Chair will commit up to 48 days p.a.

Approximately four days per month as follows:

  • Half day: Preparation and feedback to network (Alliance)
  • Half day: Alliance
  • Half day: Preparation and feedback to network (ICS Board)
  • Half day: ICS Board meeting
  • Two days: Additional activity to support activity plan.

The Chair must be able travel regionally and nationally as required and be available to the Alliance on an agreed regular and exceptional basis by appropriate means including group telephone, messaging and other electronic means. 

Person specification

Essential experience and characteristics and Desirable experience and qualities:

They will have clear and demonstrable understanding of the current and emerging challenges and opportunities within the regional Health and Care system and the local Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise sector.

The person will have experience leading meetings of strong personalities representing a diversity of views from five Place level groups.

They will demonstrate authority and credibility and be a positive visible figurehead for the VCFSE sector.

The Chair will have

  • Experience of working with the VCFSE sector at a strategic and Senior Management level;
  • Awareness and understanding of the issues facing the VCFSE sector on a local regional and national footing;
  • An understanding of the diversity of the VCFSE including grassroots level/micro organisations.
  • Experience of change management at a significant and strategic level;
  • Personal and professional resilience to overcome barriers and challenges;
  • Understanding of the governance of voluntary, community and faith groups;
  • Experience of championing and advocating on behalf of the voluntary,community and faith sector;
  • Experience of working in partnership with a range of stakeholders in health and social care services.

The Independent Chair will need to demonstrate the following essential qualities:

  • Commitment to the purpose and values of the VCFSE;
  • Proven leadership experience at a senior level;
  • Integrity and evidence of good/independent judgement;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • An ability to challenge assumptions, listen to the views of others and to develop positive working relations across the health and social care system;

Selection Criteria

The role is open to people currently employed by VCFSE organisations or who otherwise meet the criteria.
Following a panel interview, the candidate who most closely meets the above person specification will be appointed by the members of the Alliance.

Term of office

The role should be appointed initially for 1 year, and subject to review, be reappointed on an annual basis by the Alliance members – this is also open to review by the Alliance.

Ensuring Independence

Where an appointment is to someone who would remain working for their own organisation too, the same ‘ethical’ principles set out for the chairs of ICP VCFSE Groups should apply concerning remaining independent, declaring interests and being organisationally agnostic.

Funding may be used as ‘backfill’ if the chair remains in a position within a VCFSE organisation with the organisation’s and the ICS’s agreement;


The role should be able to be deputised at ICS level when the Chair is unavailable. Deputies can be chosen, ad-hoc, by the Alliance and from the wider memberships, based on capability and availability.

Managing performance

The Alliance ToR set out in more detail, the process for appointment and removal of the Chair by the Alliance members.


The Alliance members will identify an appropriate body to host the Chair where they are not currently employed by a VSFS organisation. Where they are already employed, the initial assumption is that this organisation would be the likely host.The final decision on hosting must be agreed between the Alliance (by majority), the ICS (as funder) and the hosting organisation

How to apply

Please send a copy of your covering letter and CV to Adrian Leather on 

If you need any information on this role please contact Adrian on 01772 299 830 or email 

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