Active Lancashire Company Secretary

Active Lancashire is both a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Owner Lancashire County Council). The organisation is supported by a Board of 12 Trustee Directors who set the strategic direction of the organisation, hold the Executive Team to account and safeguard the growth and sustainability of the organisation.

Due to the ongoing expansion of the organisation and our anticipated growth over the coming 12 months, the need to secure additional capacity to undertake the role of Company Secretary has been identified. This role has been carried out to date by the Director of Finance, who will be released from this responsibility to focus on their core role.

The Board are happy for the service of Company secretary to be undertaken through a number of options including;

  • The service being supplied by a specialist commercial provider
  • The service being supplied by an independent provider
  • The service being provided by a fellow organisation with existing Company secretarial provision that could be shared with Active Lancashire without conflict of interest

The Board will seek reassurances that the individual undertaking the work is suitably competent, with experience of providing this service and that they are sufficiently insured to provide the professional and legal advice as required. An individual who may have undertaken this role as part of their substantive responsibilities, for example through their financial leadership role in a similarly sized organisation would be warmly welcomed to enable a thorough appreciation of the complexities of the organisation.

The Services sought from a provider

The following services outline the anticipated requirements as an indication of the specification for outsourcing the role:

  • Arranging Board meetings x 4 per year including 1 full day strategy consultation
  • Arranging 3 Audit & Finance Committee meetings and 3 HR & Remuneration Committee meetings per year
  • Taking minutes and recording attendance at Board and Sub Committee meetings
  • Registering new Board Members at Companies House and the Charities Commission
  • Removing Board members who leave at Companies House and Charities Commission
  • Keep a register of attendance at meetings
  • Advising on Corporate Governance matters and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Keeping up to date with any regulatory or statutory changes and policies.
  • Annual check on related party and interests of Board members
  • Keep log of actions from meetings
  • Record conflicts of interest as appropriate
  • Ensure Board meeting minutes are filed on the website
  • Update Articles of Association when required
  • Providing support to the Chair and communicating with Directors
  • Training of Directors through signposting to information, guidance and briefings on their role and requirements under Charity and Company Law
  • Conduct Annual Board member skills and protected characteristics survey (using a pre agreed questionnaire)
  • Provide any relevant legislative updates to the Board Chair from Charities and Companies House

The following are tasks that Active Lancashire staff will continue to undertake:

  • Annual return for Companies House
  • Annual return for Charities Commission
  • Setting of the agendas
  • Induction of new Directors
  • Adherence to the UK Code of Governance
    • Update Equal and Diversity statement, Action Plan and targets
    • Conduct the annual Directors skills and capability review
    • Recruitment of Board members
  • Conduct Annual Board member skills and protected characteristics survey (using a pre agreed questionnaire)
  • Provide any relevant legislative updates to the Board Chair from Charities and Companies House

Response from interested parties

In response to this proposal, you are asked to provide:

  • An overview of your relevant work and experience
  • CVs of the key individual(s) undertaken the work and their role in delivering it.
  • Your suggested time lines for starting the role, overall costs and day rate breakdown

Response timeline

We are seeking a view from prospective consultants by Midnight on the 13 June.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact Adrian leather, Active Lancashire CEO, [email protected]¬†or 07984437804

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