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British Gymnastics is proud to be the UK Governing Body for the sport of Gymnastics. We exist to support, lead and inspire all those involved or interested in Gymnastics.

British Gymnastics disciplines include,Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Disability Gymnastics, Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics,TeamGym, Trampoline ,Double Mini Tramp,Tumbling, Women's Artistic Gymnastics.

Gymnastics For All (GFA) 

Based on the notion that gymnastics is a sport for everybody, Gymnastics for All is the flagship discipline of the sport. Offering a variety of activities, programmes, events and competitions suitable for all genders, age groups and abilities, Gymnastics for All contributes to personal health, fitness and well-being and focuses on Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fundamentals


GymChallenge is a gymnastic competition with a twist. Unlike other team competitions where gymnastics are marked on technical excellence, GymChallenge is focused on fun and fitness and can be staged in as little as two hours in your club. This means everyone can experience the unique thrill of a team competition without the pressure and no matter what their age or ability. Based on 20 challenge cards, with 3 different levels of participation on each card, it is a fun and social competition format, which is not based on skill development but on competing as teams and attaining as an individual.

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Festivals - GymFusion

GymFusion is a series of non-competitive, show style festivals. 11 events take place across the country and include exciting and creative performances from all ages, abilities and disciplines of gymnastics, guaranteed to wow the audience. Encompassing the ethos of Gymnastics for All, GymFusion isn't a competition, but a collaboration and aims to give participants the opportunity to display their skills and talents as a team, in a fun and friendly environment. It brings together the gymnastics community, encourages performance and values all disciplines.


GymFit is a programme which can be used to improve the general fitness and physical condition of your participants via a series of fun and challenging exercise work cards. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced work cards which work the upper body, lower body, core and cardio vascular system. The programme is flexible in application and is suitable for a wide range of ability groups. It can be adapted for use by small or large groups, individuals and disabled participants. GymFit can take place in any gymnastics environment and is open to British Gymnastics registered participants under the supervision of a minimum level 2 coach.

MY Club

MY Club is a programme that gives teenage gymnasts an active role in the ownership of their gymnastics activity and is a great way to help clubs to keep teenagers participating in the sport.

It is a 'club within a club' where gymnasts can form a group to create sessions tailored for their needs. MY Club encourages gymnasts to work with a coach to plan their own sessions, decide on what they would like to do and achieve, manage their own development and organise social events. MY Club is about fun and friendship as well as training and learning new skills.

MY Leadership Accademy

The MY Leadership Academy programme is designed to create a structure which young people can follow to help them develop as Leaders within gymnastics in school, clubs and leisure centres. The programme encourages Leaders to complete five different 'topic' areas:

  • MY Learning: Leaders are tasked with completing a number of different courses, both generic and sport specific.
  • MY Development: Leaders are tasked with identifying a mentor and learning from working alongside them.
  • MY Volunteering: Leaders are tasked with volunteering their time at events, and meetings.
  • MY Future: Leaders are tasked with producing a development plan and completing their goals.
  • MY Project: Leaders are tasked with identifying the needs and running a project which benefits them/their club.

The programme introduces Young Leaders to the various roles and opportunities available within the sport. Helping them to identify their strengths and the areas they enjoy; encouraging them to stay them within the sport for longer, and creating a larger stronger workforce for the future.

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Pre-School Gymnastics

Pre-school gymnastics teaches your children important skills like balance and co-ordination. With expert supervision and a playful environment, it's a great way for them to have fun and lay the foundations of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Freestyle Gymnastics (FreeG)

FreeG is about total freedom. Combining elements from martial arts and stunt performances as well as gymnastics, there are no rules or competitions. You learn the tricks you want to learn, pick the lines you want to pick and express yourself how you want. 

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Adult Gymnastics

If you are over 18, adult gymnastics provides a new opportunity to try out an amazing sport. You can test yourself in a range of different activities. And by building your strength, flexibility and control, you'll see your performance improve in other sports too. Whether you're looking to take your first steps in gymnastics or get back into the sport, adult gymnastics makes it easy. 

Make a Difference

Make a Difference is a programme to help clubs with increasing their volunteer workforce, both in numbers and quality. When a club has a wider, trained, base of volunteers, this allows the workload to be spread out, freeing up more time for the other roles which need to be fulfilled at the club e.g. coaching.


Partner School Programme 

British Gymnastics (BG) values and recognises the importance of Gymnastics in schools and our intention is to provide more comprehensive, cohesive, efficient and sustainable programmes for children in schools and for those adults and volunteers that work with them.

Schools can now register to become a British Gymnastics Partner School. Register now online by clicking here.

Benefits to BG Partner Schools

By becoming a BG Partner School you will have access to a variety of self-help tools and resources which will assist you with the development of curricular and extra-curricular gymnastics.

Leisure Centre Scheme

The Leisure Centre Scheme (LCS) is designed to enable, encourage and actively support Leisure Centres to register their recreational gymnastic programmes with British Gymnastics. The LCS is also available to other leisure providers such as fitness clubs and community centres.

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