The Lancashire Cricket Board (LCB) is the Governing Body for cricket in Lancashire responsible for promoting the game of cricket at all levels. Its ultimate aim is to give every child access to sport through cricket and the LCB is committed to promote cricket from Playground to County level.

Primary Schools 

The LCB welcomes the Government’s long term commitment to invest directly into sport within Primary Schools through ‘Sport Premium’ funding. Making sure boys and girls of all abilities receive quality physical education at the earliest ages is essential and Cricket can play a key part in meeting this challenge. Lancashire Cricket Board already delivers Cricket Foundation’s Chance to Shine initiatives within schools along with teacher training programmes. Children get access to competitive match play opportunities through ECB Kwik Cricket competitions both indoors and outdoors.

We want all young people to lead active, healthy lives and we have a proven track record of delivering cricket coaching to over 300,000 children in primary and secondary schools countywide. Over 20,000 competitive matches have taken place and over 1000 teachers have gone through teacher training programmes. We trust that the sports premium funding will help schools sustain the delivery of sports programmes and therefore allow us to carry on delivering a quality learning experience for children at a Primary School level through cricket.

The leaflet opposite will provide you with the information and guidance you need to consider how the employment of sport specific coaches can help you to enhance the provision of PE, school sport and healthy activity across your school.

Secondary Schools

The Lancashire Cricket Board (LCB) is fully behind the Chance to Shine Secondary School initiative and would invite schools to become affiliated to the LCB to benefit from this fantastic opportunity.

The programme will be delivered by highly qualified LCB staff working alongside school teachers. It will be driven through strong and sustainable partnerships between local cricket clubs and Secondary Schools. The secondary schools programme is designed to bring more competitive cricket to secondary schools and it has a three-pronged approach:

  1. Establish after school sports clubs
  2. Embed competition within them
  3. Provide training opportunities for young people

The leaflet opposite will provide you with the information and guidance you need.

Primary School Sport Premium

Primary School Sport Premium

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